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At Coupar Communications, we believe that no two clients are the same. We create thoughtful, individualized solutions to secure marketing and PR goals. Our clients are part of an elite community of designers, photographers, architects, art curators, and industry tastemakers. As the most published interior design PR firm in San Francisco, Coupar Communications is an exceptional resource for clients looking to expand their professional network, increase brand recognition, and position themselves as industry authorities.


Krista Coupar Piagentini - Founder & CEO

Like many successful businesses, Coupar Communications was born out of necessity. After founder and CEO Krista Coupar started Coupar in 2007, in an effort to assist designers with business development and strategy, she quickly identified another pain point. “The more I spoke to designers,” explains Coupar, “the more clear it became that they wanted marketing and PR.”

Digital marketing and branding are critical facets to any small business today, and Coupar  found many designers were behind the curve. “Designers are creative. They want to be in a home, interfacing with clients, sourcing gorgeous textiles,” says Coupar, “not on Instagram or creating newsletters.” Coupar quickly added a creative director to her staff to build websites and email campaigns. Today, Coupar employs a staff of five marketing and branding experts and professional publicists. Even more, Coupar is the most published interior design PR firm in San Francisco and preferred firm for the annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Coupar got her start in 2001, when she moved to San Francisco and found a job on the retail side of The Silk Trading Co. In 2004, she started to work under seasoned San Francisco designer, Kendall Wilkinson, where she was initially responsible for managing the retail division of the firm. There, she worked with a team of the best teachers in the business, from a tech guru to a VC to a CPA. “That was my business school,” says Coupar.

In 2007, Coupar decided to strike out on her own and opened an office in a stunning—and fitting—space in the San Francisco Design Center. While not a tech company per se, Coupar is inspired by Silicon Valley, in particular by how they solve problems and the work/life balance work environments they’ve pioneered. Unlike the tech business, however, Coupar is very female-friendly. In fact, all of Coupar’s employees are women. “I love to support women and the female energy,” she says, and sights entrepreneurs like Kendall Wilkinson, Sheryl Sandberg and her grandmother as her role models.

Coupar lives in San Francisco with her husband and six children, and has not lost her passion for beautiful things.


We are currently hiring for the following positions: Design Assistant, Project Manager/Expeditor & Interior Designer

Coupar Communications is always on the lookout for talented individuals to become a member of our team. Please send resumes to info@couparconsulting.com